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Guest Post: From Student to Service Corps – The Transition

Many of you may have seen me face over at the Farm, delivering flowers, or leading groups of students on tours and wondered – didn’t she graduate? And yes, I did.

Devin Raking in hoophouse
Me (Devin Ingersoll ’14) raking up plant residue in Hoophouse #2.

However, now I am participating in the year- long Stonehill Service Corps program in Brockton serving as the Farm’s Outreach Coordinator. I don’t know specifically why I became interested in a year of service last spring but what I do know now is that I can’t imagine doing anything else.   I have a long history with the Farm since I started volunteering through the Food Justice LC in the Fall of 2011. Since then I have been a summer farmer, interned during the academic year for Bridget, completed a directed study centered on food security, culminating in a thesis focused on urban agriculture and food insecurity in Brockton. The Outreach Coordinator position allows me to combine the knowledge I have attained so far to further deepen the Farm’s mission of providing residents access to healthy affordable produce. Following the four tenets of the Stonehill Service Corps I also live in community with nine other Corps members, live simply on a small stipend, practice forms of spirituality, and serve the community through my work at the Farm.

The 2014-2015 Stonehill Service Corps Brockton Members

Every day is different in my role as Outreach Coordinator. Sometimes I am out in the field harvesting, leading volunteer groups, delivering veggies to our partners, or assisting Bridget with planning for the next season. Other days I am deepening the Farm’s mission and presence in the city itself through an after-school garden program at the Arnone Elementary School and cooking classes to residents of the Old Colony YMCA Family Life Center using Farm produce. The Farm is also working with one of our current partners, Father Bill’s Mainspring, to revitalize six raised garden beds in Perkins Park. I could not be more excited about this project and while in its beginning stages, it offers the Farm a chance to grow food within city limits with and for residents.

Saving seeds with volunteers
Saving seeds with volunteers
Beds to be revitalized in Perkins Park
Beds to be revitalized in Perkins Park.
Delivering to The Table at Father Bill's Mainspring
Delivering to The Table at Father Bill’s Mainspring with Bridget.


I know my time here is limited, as my year of service will end in June, but I hope next year the Corps member who fills my position will find as much joy in farming, teaching, and cooking that I do.

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