Student Projects

Over the years a number of students have poured their energy into projects at The Farm to help us become more sustainable and to raise awareness about and provide solutions to food insecurity.  They have completed this work while enrolled in courses including: Sustainable Agriculture or through Directed Study or Independent Research Project in Food Security or Sustainable Agriculture.

A number of these projects have grown to become a part of our farm operation.  These include a second hoophouse to assist in season extension, the addition of a honeybee hive managed by Best Bees of Boston, a rain barrel that collects water from our farm shed, and permaculture gardens on campus and at The Farm.

photo of Summer Farmers relax in the new Permaculture test plot located at The Farm.
Summer Farmers relax in the new Permaculture test plot – designed and implemented by Christine Moodie (foreground) during the summer of 2014.

In the Spring of 2015 five students will grow a TowerGardens on campus, add an Edible Forest Gardens and plan and plant research plots at The Farm to study the effects of Biodrilling and Biochar on soil fertility.

devin honey
Devin helps to harvest some honey at the Best Bees of headquarters in Boston.

To date, student projects have included the following topics:

1. The Benefits of Honeybees and Chickens – Devin Ingersoll and Jess Lantos

2. Season Extension through High Tunnels and Low Tunnels – Jack Bressor and Daniel Gardiner

3. Biochar as a Soil Amendment – Anna Tallmadge, Christine Moodie, and Colin Walker

4. Permaculture Gardens on Campus – Christine Moodie

5. Edible Forest Gardens – Hayley Bibaud, Mike Gendron and Jeremy Halstead

6. TowerGardens on Campus – Melissa Mardo and Ellen Edgerton

7. Cover Crop Research Plots Employing Biodrilling – Andrew Curran, Anthony Elias, and Sheriden Benoit

8. Organic Labeling Pros and Cons – Sean Moran, Michelle Kozminski, and Patrick Cabral

9. “Natural Farming” vs. “Organic Farming” – Paige Begley, Deanna Celi, and Bryan Tavares

10. A Comparative Examination of Food Insecurity in Washington, DC and Nairobi, Kenya – Hailey Chalhoub and Jessica Mardo

11. Homesteading – Melissa Amaral

12. Food Security and Crime – Evan Sorgi and Tom Bowes

13. Aquaponics – Cameron Hill and Ryan Zayac

14. Water Conservation utilizing Rain Barrels – Kayleigh McDonnell and Xavier Dixon

15. Season Extension Utilizing Cold Frames on Campus – Danielle Garceau and Erin Siulinski

16. Crop Rotation for The Farm – Jess Devereaux and Maddy Ryan

17. Soil Fertility Utilizing Horse, Sheep and Chicken Manure – Breanne Penkala, Russel Capeless, and Danielle Witter

18. Seed Library – Sarah Dunsing and Celine Hickey

19. Going Off-Grid using Solar and Biodiesel – Kaylie Bissonnette and Tory Gray

20. Season Extension at the Farm at Stonehill Utiliaing a Walpini – Chris Astephen, Kelley Reardon, and Gabby Gobiel

21. NURE Project: Education Summer Research – What is a Farm – Science and Math Connections – Rachel Viera and Ashley Deblois


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